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Custom Class & Custom Itemrenderer

Today (not for the first time – but it’s been a while) I needed to create a custom class that took a custom itemRenderer. Having used itemRenderers for ages I thought it was going to be straight forward, but I’d … Continue reading

Tiles and the packing problem

On more than one occasion in the past I’ve been wishing to create a custom component that is totally dynamic so that I don’t have to worry about hardcoding any sizes. So lets just say I have a list/tilelist and … Continue reading

Flex and Google Maps

I started to try out some flex with Google maps and it’s refreshingly straight forward. Virtually all of the information to do the below can be found here http://code.google.com/apis/maps/documentation/flash/reference.html   So I’m just going to highlight a couple of things … Continue reading

Flex, Firefox plug-in + community.

Following on from my recent post on creating a specific flex search using Google I wanted to make it easier to flick between the main Google search and the flex collection Google search. Well I’ve created an OpenSearch plugin (supported … Continue reading

Flex Collection – Google search

Totally off topic this. But I had quite a bit of hassle trying to find info on how to do what I just did. So if you look to your right you’ll see a nice search box with the Google … Continue reading

Zooming Example

Ages ago I worked on an accessibility tool that followed the mouse around the stage and magnified whatever the mouse was over. It never made it to the final stages of completion but after reading a question on flexcoders for … Continue reading

Top Flex Explorers

List of explorers for flex Continue reading

Google and SWFs

I recently checked out a page that was created using flexbuilder to see if it was indexed by Google and every time I checked it Googles results came up with Error #2032. RSL Error 1 of 1. I found virtually … Continue reading