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Debugging facebook apps locally (web based ones)

If  you’re wanting to develop a facebook app then there is loads of helpful stuff out there to get you going. Specifically I’d start here if you’re interested But what they don’t tell you is how to debug your app without you … Continue reading

iOS – Mobile dev, make sure you flush when you’re done.

Developing for Apple’s devices can throw up a few little quirks that don’t happen when using Android devices. This one happens if you are using shared objects to store information between sessions. Basically, you should always call the flush mechanism … Continue reading

Updating bindings when you only change a property inside an Object

Its quite a common thing with Flex and actionscript projects to create an Object and inside that object it will have many properties.  Something in your view will be bound to the object so that the view changes with the … Continue reading

Additional compiler arguments – debug only code

Inserting code that will be excluded depending on compiler arguments Continue reading

Simple tip #4 (GOTCHA) – Datagrid borders

simple tip on drawing borders around a Datagrid Continue reading

Simple tip #2 – random colours

Their are so many times I’ve used a random colour in my apps (mainly for testing) that I thought I’d add this way of using a getter method with actionscript to simplify the process. First of if you haven’t got … Continue reading

Simple tip #3 – Utility SWC (library project)

Do you frequently use simple actionscript functions in more than one project. Perhaps you’ve got a function to do tracking, parse strings to dates, or return a random colour etc. I’m sure most folk will have struggled to think of … Continue reading

Simple tip #1 – custom events

Today while coding I was creating some classes that required them to dispatch custom events. I know that this is a fairly common thing to do but sometimes it is these little things that can trip you up or take … Continue reading